Israel News Completes Tanya Series

A breakthrough video series of Tanya shiurim by Rabbi Shimon Aisenbach on popular Israeli news site Arutz 7 has concluded the Tanya.

The TanyaOnline website is celebrating the conclusion of the entire L’kutay Amarim Tanya, following 240 (!) weekly classes.

The 45 minute video classes, are given each week by Rabbi Shimon Aisenbach, of Toronto, ON (director of the CFCJ).

These lessons emphasize the simple and straightforward meaning of the Tanya, conveyed in clear and simple terminology. With each lesson including a video and text – on a separate scroll bar – to easily follow along.

After concluding the magnum opus of the Alter Rebbe, L’kutei Amaraim, the shiur will continue with the next segment of the Tanya: Shaar Haycud v’ha’emunah, on the topic of – as in the words of the Alter Rebbe – “the factors that arouse love and fear, and their foundation, is a pure and faithful belief in the Unity and Oneness of G-d” noted Rabbi Aisenbach.

The lessons, posted each Wednesday mornings, are divided according to chapters, averaging three to four classes per chapter.

The site also includes links to all the previous classes to help the new visitor, as well as access to review the previous classes/chapters accordingly. To watch lessons, go to

The lessons are first delivered at the famed Orthodox community “BAYT” Toronto, Canada and later uploaded to (These lessons as well appear as a weekly on website.)

The Zohar is called the “Ilana d’chaya” the tree of life. This can be said of the Tanya as well, as the Tanya transmits the word and spirit of the Zohar to actual grasp, comprehension, and appreciation. It is without any doubt that by learning the Tanya, as being the “tree of life” will be extra protection from the virus, the world is unfortunately dealing with, and more so has the ability to turn the matter around.

For additional information (or to sponsor a lesson weekly or monthly) feel free to write to: [email protected]

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