Is Your Candy Kosher?

Ahead of Purim, kashrus expert Rabbi Nissan Zibell is helping kosher consumers stay informed by pointing out which candies they may receive that are not up to standard.

By reporter

With Purim right around the corner, everyone will be getting lots of candy in their Mishloach Manos. Lubavitch kashrus expert Rabbi Nissan Zibell, who is committed to keeping kosher consumers informed, is sharing the following information.

There are some candies that are sold in many Kosher grocery stores which are NOT recommended.

Candies with KO Kosher Service Vaad of Philadelphia are not acceptable whatsoever. Candies can have pig gelatin in them or carmine, food coloring which is extracted from a type of beetle. Many types of lemonheads and gummy worms are included in this category.

A list of hashgachos recommended by the Chicago Rabbinic Council can be downloaded here.

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