Is This the Future We Want for Crown Heights?

From the Inbox: “Will this be enough of a wake-up call to finally follow the Rebbe’s call to only sell and rent in Crown Heights to fellow Yidden?” 

By a Crown Heights Resident

Dear community, 

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The conversation of selling or renting to yuppies has occurred countless times in our community. The debate is passionate, but the Rebbe’s instructions were clear. One should only sell and rent to fellow Yidden if one truthfully cares about the Jewish community.

Nevertheless, at times it might be difficult to see the issue in not following through. What difference might it make if a few basements or apartments are rented to some nice non-Jews who keep to themselves, work in Manhattan, and just need a place to sleep? They pay more, and they pay on time…

So Hashem makes sure to send us a reminder from time to time.

Pictured here is a scene captured today, Tuesday. One can clearly see a handwritten sign proclaiming “Free Palestine.” This photo was not taken in a non-Jewish neighborhood, but right here in Crown Heights. It was taken in the vicinity of S. John’s and Albany.

The building in question is owned by two Lubavitchers. The renters are ‘Yuppie’ girls, who probably pay a high price for the location close to Manhattan and walking distance to a Subway station.

Now we must ask ourselves: Are these the kind of people we want to welcome into our community?

Are these the people we want in our streets, frequenting our stores, enjoying our restaurants?

Is this the future we want for Crown Heights?

Is this the future we want for ourselves and our children ?

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