Invest in Our Bochurim, Our Future

The Bochurim of today are the leaders of tomorrow. When we invest in the education of our youth we are ensuring that the next generation will have solid values, a well rounded education and a fiery passion for Chassidus.

The Brunoy Yeshiva has been working towards this for the past 73 years. Established in 1947, the Brunoy Yeshiva has always stood out as a Yeshiva that specializes in the highest level of learning and a warm, welcoming Chassidishe atmosphere. Thousands of Bochurim have passed through its doors and gone on to become dedicated shluchim, leaders in the field of Chinuch, and businessmen who make a kiddush Hashem wherever they go. 

The alumni have many fond memories of caring teachers and mashpiim who encouraged them and helped them exceed their own expectations and hours of farbrengens lasting late into the night that ignited their fire of Hiskashrus to our Rebbe.

“My years at the Brunoy Yeshiva were definitely the most formative years of my education. The information that I learned and the passionate connection to the Rebbe that I gained are with me every day and strongly influence the way that I lead my life, my community and how I raise my family” Yisroel, 34, Shliach in Europe.

Now, the Yeshiva is holding a fundraising raffle to gather the funds necessary to continue providing a top notch education to the hundreds of bochurim who are currently enrolled. 

Enter for a chance to win $7,000 Cash!

Tickets are only $36 dollars. Or, you can multiply your impact by making a monthly donation! 

Buy them before Sunday November 10th / 12 Cheshvan 12:59pm to take advantage of our EarlyBird special – Spend over $73 dollars and use the code EARLY to double your chances to win the incredible prize!

Participate in the Brunoy Raffle and invest in the Bochurim, our future.

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Thank you for your support,

The Brunoy Yeshiva

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