Introducing … the Bais RivKARD

Bais Rivka is in the midst of an innovative fundraising raffle with hundreds of opportunities to win big. Buy your Bais RivKard today!

Bais Rivka, the Rebbe’s school, the educational facility of over 2,000 current students and tens of thousands of alumni, worldwide, is holding its annual fundraising raffle to ensure that the school can continue to operate in a sustainable manner.

Have we lost you yet? 

Did you stop reading at the word Raffle? Or was it even before that, at the word fundraising?

If you are still with us, keep reading for just two more minutes, it’ll be worth it.

Because this time we’re doing things a little bit differently.

It’s a raffle – with a twist.

In addition to the exciting cash prize of $10,000 each participant will receive a Bais RivKARD.

What’s a Bais Rivkard?

A Bais Rivkard is a digital ticket that you will receive that doubles as a scratch card through which you can win one of over 700 exciting prizes!

Between the cash raffle and the Bais RivKARD, you can really win big!

Scratch cards are $36 dollars each, or 8 for $180.

Buy your Bais RivKards today at

Thank you for your support,

Bais Rivka

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