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Welcome to! The website that was created to serve the worldwide English speaking community of Shluchim and Anash. Long overdue, our vision and goal in creating this site is to unite chassidim as “ein mishpochoh,” and to raise the level of discourse and discussion online without leaving anyone behind.

Parents can be relieved to know that they’ll be absolutely comfortable with what their children are exposed to. They’ll rest assured that what their children see on is in line with what they’re taught at home and in school. Additionally, it will give those on the outside a glimpse into our rich heritage and history and the living legacy that is chassidus and the Rebbe.

The site will provide relevant news, in-depth articles and editorials, as well as shiurim, farbrengens and other unique features. All while not compromising on our guidelines and ideals. We will serve as a platform to publicize the work of the Shluchim, with an assurance of kiddush shem Lubavitch. It will be what we call “proudly Lubavitch.” We also aim to focus on Lubavitcher Communities all over the world and all that they accomplish.

Our policies and posting guidelines are based on those set forth by a cross-section of Rabbonim, and followed by several other sites.

We would like to extend a thank you to a number of individuals who helped make this site a reality. First and foremost, our Rabbonim who have guided us right from the beginning. Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Head Shliach of Maryland, for all the effort and time he put in over these last few weeks and months. We could not have done it without him. To Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin and his staff at for the content and tech support.

Thank you!

A story is told that the Rebbe once advised a young couple to “make their home a place where the Alter Rebbe would feel comfortable.” It is our aspiration that our platform here will be one where the Rebbe feels comfortable.

We welcome all comments and suggestions in the form of “Letters to the Editor.” We hope that you’ll take the time and make the effort to share your thoughts with us at:  


Hershel Rosenbluh


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