Interactive Timeline of Yud Alef Nissan Themes

In preparation for Yud Aef Nissan, JEM’s Ashreinu has produced an audio roundup of the unique theme introduced by the Rebbe each year to celebrate his birthday.

On Yud Aleph Nissan 5732, the Rebbe’s 70 birthday, the Rebbe famously requested that 71 new institutions be built over the course of the following year, before his next birthday.

3 months later, at the Yud Beis Tammuz Farbrengen, the Rebbe offered his encouragement and practical advice for those who were in the process of building. The Rebbe would continue to refer to this special request on several more occasions, all the way until his 72nd birthday, 2 years later.

All of the Sichos on this subject have been gathered on a new audio timeline from Ashreinu, dedicated to exploring various themes and ideas pertaining to Yud Aleph Nissan throughout the years.

Exploring the early Yud Aleph Nissan Farbrengens and the establishment of the yearly custom to mark the special milestone. The Rebbe’s repeated gratitude and thanks for those who sent blessings and good wishes, including the President of the United States. Special historical campaigns launched at Yud Aleph Nissan Farbrengens. The establishment of Education Day USA and the Department of Education. 

These and other themes can be experienced by listening to the original audio of the Sichos on a new Yud Aleph Nissan timeline, brought to you by

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