Innovative Curriculum Teaches Campers Via Video

New for this year, CKids’ popular learning curriculum for summer camps includes engaging video presentations by Rabbi Berel Paltiel.

For the third year, CKids of Merkos Suite 302 is offering a seven-week camp curriculum, with materials prepared and ready for counselors to give over. The lessons are 30-35 minutes long and now include a new feature: a video clip with a dynamic teacher, Rabbi Berel Paltiel, explaining the concepts in an engaging way.

Included in each lesson is an interactive game, related story and a practical mitzvah to focus on.

“We’re trying to make it simpler for counselors to impart the lessons,” says CKids director Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal. “This curriculum will ensure that the campers are really learning something practical in Yiddishkeit every day.”

To date, there are 120 camps using the curriculum and the feedback has been positive. Rabbi Itche Kahan, director of Camp Gan Israel in Cherry Hill, NJ said, “When we are able to give a professional looking curriculum with these engaging videos, it sends a message that Torah learning is important to us. The campers and the counselors all gain from this.”

“Day camps are changing children’s lives,” says Merkos Vice Chairman Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky. “And while the fun and activities are a major part, it’s so important to give over real Torah knowledge and educate the children on the foundations of Yiddishkeit. We’re taking care of that for you.”

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