Initiative Pays Tribute to Each Soul Lost

The “Every Soul A World” project aims to capture the individuality and the contributions of each precious neshama our nation has lost. “The response has been heartwarming,” Mishpacha Magazine told

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The names keep coming in.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.
Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

So many, oh! so many names. Painfully familiar ones. Others less so and some not at all.

How can we give fitting tribute to each irreplaceable soul? How can a small notice on a news site capture the life of a Jew and transmit the impact of the loss? The disappearance of not just a face with a name, but an entire world. A beloved mother, a revered teacher, a precious friend…

Mishpacha magazine has initiated what it describes as The Best Imperfect Option. The only one we have until Hashem returns our losses with techias hameisim.

A channel has been built on the magazine’s website, “Every Soul a World,” where individual tributes to each victim of Covid-19 will be posted, written by their staff in collaboration with the bereaved families.

“The response to this initiative, from both readers and the families of the niftarim, has been heartwarming,” Mishpacha Magazine told “It is especially moving to receive additional memories about the niftarim from people around the world who were acquainted with them at different points of their life.”

The hope is to build a collection of pieces that captures the humanity, the individuality, and the contributions of each precious soul snatched away by this terrible virus — a collection highlighting what we as a nation have lost.

PDFs of each piece will be made available for download and print. Families, friends, or relatives who can help provide information and memories are invited to e-mail [email protected]; the magazine staff will then get in touch with you to prepare a piece to be included in the project.

Gain a glimpse of some neshamos with these tributes:

Rabbi Leibel Groner
Rabbi Don Yoel Levy
Dr Arthur Turetsky

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