In New York, Signs Point to Better Days Ahead

As Governer Cuomo shares his hope that the worst is behind us, continues to receive reports of members of the global anash community on the mend.

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It’s been a difficult few weeks for the Crown Heights community. Families have been locked down in their homes, many having to forego plans to spend Pesach with their families. The loss of friends, family and beloved figures in the community weighs heavily, and many have loved ones who are in great need of a refuah sheleima.  

Thankfully, over the past few days, hopeful reports have been circulating in New York as signs point to a turn for the better.  

Governer Cuomo declared Sunday a ‘very good day’ as the number of hospitalizations in New York dropped to 53, the lowest since officials began using charts to track the data. 

“I believe the worst is over if we continue to be smart,” Cuomo said on Monday. “I believe we can start on the path to normalcy.”

Baruch Hashem, continues to receive positive reports regarding members of the global anash community; some have been released from the hospital, others were taken off ventilators. Please continue to say tehillim for them as they continue on the road to recovery. 

Tzvi Hirsch ben Basya Rivka 

Yosef Yitzchak Halevi ben Chaya Clara Shegalov

Yonah Eliyahu ben Sarah

Yitzchok Meir ben Chaya Fraidel Lifshitz

Fayga Gnendel bas Mariashe

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