In Moscow, Pesach Preparations in Full Swing

By reporter
Photos: Revach Productions

Preparations for Pesach among the Jewish communities in Russia are currently – about two months before the holiday, at their peak. Tons of kosher food, matzah and wine are being delivered to communities throughout the country, through the Logistics Division of the Jewish Community Association in Russia.

Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar personally visited the Shmura Matza bakery in Beit Shemesh, Eretz Yisroel, in order to oversee the Kashrus of the Matzos that will be distributed to yidden throughout the Russian Federation.

Shmura Matza is just one of a large variety of kosher for Pesach products under the Kashrus supervision of the chief rabbi, including many new products launched this year.

Shechita in Moscow and the Russian cities have also grown significantly, producing and marketing kosher meat throughout the country. Thousands of Jews are now able to buy the meat at many kosher food stores.

A unique project this year will allow every Jew to receive shmura matzah, in special packaging with the explanation of the importance of eating matzah on pesach, along with an invitation to participate in public Pesach Seder to be held in one of the many Chabad houses across the country.

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