In Monsey, Distance Learning Goes the Distance

Life as we know it is no longer! At least for the time being that is. Cheder Chabad of Monseys’ mission, which has been unchanged since 1999, is committed to laying the necessary foundation and training for today’s children. Forging links between our traditional and uncompromising Jewish values and the ever-changing world around us.

To that end, the time we find ourselves in has forced us to very quickly adapt to a school that is now running completely remotely. This transition has been met with tremendous success due to the Cheder’s extremely dedicated staff and professional technical team.

The Cheder’s 5 principal body and their admin staff, under the leadership of Rabbi Dovid Brawer, have made sure that each department is ready to ensure our children have not a moment to lapse between life as it has been and to where we find ourselves at present. The turnover has been seamless with very few interruptions.

We plan to continue to run our school remotely, using Zoom and supplying google documents and spreadsheets that allow each parent to keep up to date with the daily happenings of school with resources per class where Rebbie’s and Morah’s can post worksheets and Pdf’s of seforim for their students. The teachers continue to maintain close connection to each of their students and will hopefully expand to include Farbrengens and special events for Pesach.

We would be remiss to leave out the dedication and patience of the parent body. Parents have gone above and beyond, to find the time to organize and put in place, set up computers and alloting designated spaces in their homes to allow the efforts of the directors and teachers to be fully potentialized.

Teachers, both those comfortable and those that normally don’t touch technologies have been at the frontline fighting the challenges of technology and all put in tremendous efforts to not just teach, but figure out various ways to provide our children with a quality chinuch.

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