In Brooklyn, but so Close to Rashbi

Not far from Crown Heights, you will find a Lag Baomer parade which is both unique and similar.

The Boro Park Lag Baomer Parade has been going for over 20 years. Like every shliach does for his community, shliach Rabbi Aron Ginsberg who organizes the Boro Park parade has created a program that is suited to the communitiy’s needs and tastes so that everyone feels at home. And all without compromising the essence of the event: a celebration in honor of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in the spirit of “sheves achim gam yachad.”

Thousands of children are expected to gather this year, as they do every year, to recite the Twelve Pesukim, hear the Rebbe’s message and sing nigunim. Children carry signs that proudly proclaim the ten mivtzoyim, and they are given an opportunity to get their own letter in a sefer torah. There is no doubt that that Rashbi is there marching with the children and that it brings the Rebbe tremendous nachas.

The opportunity for hafotzas ha’mayonos is incredible.

Partner with the organizers to have a share in their holy work.

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