In Berlin, it’s Full Speed Ahead

By Staff

Construction at the New Jewish Educational Campus in the heart of Berlin is moving ahead well ahead of time. This week Monday the campus was visited by Berlin’s Mayor Michel Müller who came to see first-hand how the building was progressing and to hear a report from shliach Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel.

The mayor asked about the construction and said “The Jewish Educational Campus is a gift to all of Berlin. Adding, This is the way and the correct answer to how to strengthen Jewish life and observance in Berlin.”

The mayor was also welcomed by major donors and supporters of the campus. At the end of his visit the mayor excitedly said “The campus is proof of vibrant Jewish life in Berlin. Thank you for this!”

The new campus will rise to seven floors and over an area of some 86,000 square feet. It will include a pre-school and elementary school, a gym and cultural center, a convention hall, as well as other amenities to serve local Jews as well as tourists.

The cost is expected at $25 Million dollars and will IYH bring Jewish life in the German capital – which in recent years has become quite popular with Israeli tourists – to new heights.

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