Illinois Shluchim offer Seder-to-go for Shelter-in-Place

Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois and its 50 centers throughout Illinois are making “Seder in a Box” available to the homebound.

The Festival of Pesach is highlighted by the Seder. Traditionally this is shared by families and communities, however, under the current circumstance, many will be left with no invitations.

The particular dietary restrictions of the Holiday and its associated traditional foods make preparation an overwhelming task for the uninitiated.

“Pesach is family time, and Chabad is family for people everywhere. This year we can’t be together as a family. Nonetheless, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe taught, everything is a blessing, and now we just have to look a little harder to find the blessing,” said Rabbi Baruch Epstein, Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois Director of Outreach, who created this project with his wife and children

“When we realized that our health required us to all shelter in place we knew had to bring Pesach to the people. Through our collective efforts we have created this program so every Jew anywhere in Illinois can have the seder essentials,” he said.

Lubavitch Chabad’s 50 centers have historically offered communal Seder accommodations. For this year, they developed ‘Seder in a Box’. The package includes hand-made Shmura Matzo, ceremonial Seder plate foods, Hagada texts, Pesach guides and Kosher L’Pesach foods.

The sets will be available for discounted purchase and pickup at Chabad House throughout Illinois.

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