If You Can’t Go to Shul, Shofar Will Come to You

No one in our community should miss Shofar:

For the 2nd year we will organize volunteers to come to your home and blow the Shofar for those who are unable to attend Shul.

No more embarrassment, no more stress, we will come to you to make your Rosh Hashana a fulfilled and happy New Year.

“We are doing this for those in our community of Crown Heights who are unable to hear Shofar on Rosh Hashana in Shul for any reason. You are important, we care and you will not miss the Mitzvah,” one organizer said.

Fill out the form below and we will organize someone to come to your house at your convenient time. All names are confidential and will only be shared with the person attending your home.

Please send your request before Wendesday 25th September, 25th Elul.

To have someone blow Shofar for you, click here.

For those wanting to volunteer time to go and blow Shofar please fill out this form, and you will be contacted where and when to go.

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