I Was Scammed on Kingston Ave

From the Anash.org Inbox: A serial scammer is taking advantage of people’s good-hearted actions. Watch out for him.

A Chabad shliach who was scammed while visiting Crown Heights, is warning residents about the serial scammer who took advantage of him an others.

“I was scammed today in Crown Heights,” he said.

“Getting ready to checkout at Chocolatte, an individual in front of me in line asked if he could Cashapp me so I could pay for his order.

“Borrowing my phone to enter his Cashapp name so I could send him a request for the funds, the scammer took the opportunity to send himself $90.

“After researching the scammer and confirming that the individual had done this to others, I found him on Facebook and confronted him, threatening to publicize him and his actions.

“The scammer then admitted to his ‘past’ behaviors and agreed to pay me back for this ‘mistake'”, he said.

He has a message for Anash.org readers.

“Please be cautious when approached for such a favor. Never hand over your phone. You don’t want to be the next victim,” he said.

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