Hundreds Unite in LA Ahead of Yud Shvat

Sunday night was a momentous evening for anash in Los Angeles, as Chabad kehillos from Southern California gathered for an evening of unity, in honor of 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership.

Prior to the kinus, Chabad rabbonim of Southern California, Rabbis Shusterman, Raichik and Shochet, reached out, encouraging all men and women to attend and be prepared to receive the brachos and yeshuos that pour down on a Yom Hilula.

Hundreds drew inspiration from the words of Rabbi YY Jacobson, who riveted the crowd with his characteristically dynamic style. Focusing on a Chossid’s role to emulate his Rebbe, Rabbi Jacobson emphasized the imperative to bring to life the Rebbe’s greatness through concrete actions, by living and breathing boundless ahavas Yisroel.

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