How Much Is Your Rent This Year?

Machon Ohr HaChassidus has kicked off their sixth annual Bayis Raffle to fund their tireless efforts to spread Chassidus around the globe – we may have special news regarding your rent!

Chassidus is for everyone. Its teachings are universal and its lessons as relevant now as the day they were written. Yet, until recently, it wasn’t so simple for everyone to access this tremendous light.

Ohr HaChassidus zeroed in on this issue and has faced it head-on. Since its inception, just 16 years ago, they have been driven to bring Chassidus to all who seek to learn it. Whatever the obstacle: a language barrier, time constraints or lack of background knowledge, Ohr HaChassidus is committed to providing learning material that is inviting and accessible to everyone.

With publications flying off the press on a daily (Daily Lightpoints) and weekly basis (Likras Shabbos), delivered to thousands of readers across the globe, you can say that they are succeeding in their mission.

In the past few years, they have published many books and pamphlets and they are set to release many more, b’ezras Hashem, in the near future. Their most recent project was the launch of their official website,, through which people can purchase their publications for their learning pleasure.

“Baruch Hashem we have received tremendous feedback regarding the work that we do from the thousands of readers all around the world,” says Rabbi Avrohom Mann. “However, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent and must use this success as a springboard to produce more content.”

“The Bayis Raffle is our way of keeping Ohr HaChassidus going. We need your help to continue our important work.”

FIRST PRIZE: Six-months rent or mortgage bills fully paid.

SECOND PRIZE: 100 Sifrei Chassidus of your choice.

Tickets to the raffle can be purchased at

Your support allows us to continue expanding our reach and inspiring Jewish people around the world.

Thank you for contributing generously to this campaign.

Machon Ohr HaChassidus

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