How a Distant Dream Became an Immediate Possibility

To learn the entire Torah Sh’Baal Peh sounds like a far-off dream to many people. This reality is about to change – completely.

Mountain climbing is not for every person. Most people don’t set out to scale the tallest mountain in the world. Similarly, most people don’t set out to master the entire Torah Sh’Baal Peh. 

This reality is about to change – completely.

Well, the mountain peaks are still reserved for skilled climbers. But mastery of the entire Torah Sh’Baal Peh is now every person’s immediate possibility.

To benefit from this opportunity, you don’t need to be an experienced learner.

All it takes is a daily investment of thirty minutes.

In 5744, the Rebbe launched a major initiative: to unite the entire Jewish People in learning the entire Torah – through studying the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah. 

Thousands of people began learning the Rambam.  

And yet… If you’d meet a frum Jew from Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg or Monsey, what are the chances that learns the Rambam every day? What are the chances that he would be extremely delighted to find out about this endeavor?

Yesterday, the chances may have been close to zero.

Today, we can make that a 100% possibility! 

Two new shiurim are opening the doors with palatial broadness.

Firstly, for English speakers, Rabbi YY Jacobson just started a daily shiur in the Rambam, teaching one perek every day. The world renowned beloved teacher and lecturer is making the study of Rambam into an ideal learning experience – each and every shiur is informative, engaging and energizing. As you listen to Rabbi YY’s shiur, the halochos come alive with clarity and deep understanding; what a gift!

People who learn in Yiddish are so happy to find out that Rabbi Elozer Rubin, the incredibly talented maggid shiur how now started teaching shiurim in Rambam. Rabbi Rubin is famous for his internationally acclaimed shiurim in the Daf Yomi, and his shiurim in Rambam are a delight to the heart and mind. 

Both of these shiurim are easily accessible both online and on a designated telephone hotline. Each of these systems has user-friendly features such as the ability to listen at a higher speed; rewind, fast-forward, etc.

In the past, if you met a Yid (or yourself) who doesn’t learn Rambam, it would be understandable. The goal of “All of Klal Yisroel mastering all of Torah” was a distant dream. Today, the only thing standing between us and this goal is an invitation to join a shiur.

This Wednesday Rosh Chodesh Av we begin the first perek of Rambam, in the 1 Perek a day learning schedule.

Log onto or call the Rambam hotline 718-480-0200 and listen to a shiur at your convenience. Then pull out your phone or go to your computer and share this exciting news with everyone you know. And when you meet a Yid from outside the Chabad community, don’t leave his limmud ha’Rambam to chance! Tell him about these shiurim that are uniting all of Klal Yisroel in learning all of Torah שבע”פ. 

Most people don’t set out to scale the tallest mountain. In ancient history, before the summer of 2020, many people didn’t set out to learn the Rambam’s entire Mishne Torah. Today, every Yid is doing it. And there’s no sweat involved – only joy and absolute delight.

With united efforts we will usher in the time when ומלאה הארץ דעה את ה’ כמים לים מכסים

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