Houston Supermarket to Feature Kosher Deli, Bakery

Exciting things are happening in Jewish Houston! A brand new H.E.B. Store will be opening this Wednesday.

Whilst the Texas supermarket giant already runs 350 plus stores, this branch is unique in that it will feature entire sections of delicious, fresh kosher food, supervised by a full-time mashgiach.

The supermarket will boast a complete meat department, bakery, deli and sandwich counter as well as a fish and sushi section. Granting kashrus certification are the local Houston Kashrus Association and the Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas, which is overseen by Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff.

The supermarket is replacing a store that permanently closed due to flooding in 2017’s Hurricane Harvey and fills a void left earlier this month by the closure of a food business formerly patronized by Jewish shoppers.

With all these fantastic products available, in addition to the usual dry-goods and fridge and freezer items the store offers, H.E.B Meyerland will be a one-stop-shop for all Jewish Texans.

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