Houston Gets their Own Hatzalah

From YWN

Dear Houston Community,

With much gratitude to Hashem, following four years of intense planning and coordination by the executive board and other volunteers, hundreds of schooling and training hours by the first responders, and hours of practice by the dispatchers we are excited to announce that Hatzalah of Houston is now operational and available to respond to medical emergencies.

Who: Hatzalah is comprised of a team of approximately twenty first responders who will respond in minutes, provide professional stabilizing medical services and remain with the patient until a Houston Fire Department ambulance arrives for transport. Successful outcomes during critical medical emergencies are often dependent on a rapid response time that Hatzalah is uniquely positioned to deliver.

Contact: In the event of a medical emergency please call our emergency hotline at (832)210-2000 and first responders will be dispatched to the scene. In the event of a critical emergency, Hatzalah dispatchers will contact 911 as well.

Training: All first responders are EMT-B licensed and fully equipped with a trauma/oxygen bag containing a broad variety of lifesaving equipment and an AED.

Leadership: Hatzalah is led by a Vaad Harabanim comprised of shliach Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Rabbi Daniel Masri, and Rabbi Yehoshua Wender. We are under the direct auspices and guidance of our medical director, Lars Thestrup, M.D. Dr. Thestrup currently acts as Medical Director for several fire departments and agencies throughout Houston and is a respected emergency physician practicing in prestigious hospitals throughout Houston.

Coverage: Our current primary coverage area includes specific areas in Fondren Southwest; more precisely defined by the Young Israel/Chabad Eruv map and is operational 24/7/365. Future plans include expansion to other areas.

More Information: For more information, please email [email protected] or contact one of the founding board members: David Fishman, Mendy Traxler, Nosson Dubin, Josh Serwatian or Chaim Boruch Bergida.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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