Hours of Private Yechidus Released

A new playlist from Ashreinu highlights twenty-nine audio recordings of private Yechidus with the Rebbe, including several recordings heard now for the first time.

Hours of conversation with the Rebbe in private Yechidus are now on a playlist from ashreinu.app

Newly published content include:

A 45-minute conversation between the Rebbe and Hillel Students in 5720.
Read an English transcript here chabad.org/392177

Mayor of New York City Robert F. Wagner and other officials in discussion with the Rebbe, 5723.

Yechidus with a family of Shluchim to Spain, 5739.

Other previously published recordings include the Belzer Rebbe, Gerrer Rebbe, Skulener Rebbe, Alexander Rebbe, the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Prime Minister Menachem Begin and others.

You can listen to the entire Yechidus playlist here.

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