Historic Footage: President Shazar Visits the Rebbe

In connection to Yud Beis – Yud Gimmel Tammuz, RebbeDrive presents new raw footage, documenting President Shazar’s historic visit to the Rebbe on 12 Tammuz, 5733.

The Rebbe can be seen:
– Greeting Shazar outside 770
– Walking Shazar to the Rebbe’s room
– Parts of the Yechidus
– Entering the small Zal for Maariv
– Coming to the Farbrengen downstairs
– Concluding the Farbrengen.

Previously, only one minute of this clip has been available, we now present the full raw footage, of this occasion.

This clip has been digitized by RebbeDrive from the Mendelsohn archives, and is presented here L’iloy Nishmaso.

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