High School Girls Transform Community Hour at a Time

In an incredible display of hard work, determination, and unity, over 130 High School girls have been volunteering each week as part of Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer. This week, the annual dinner was held honoring the many volunteers. The five divisions of YLIV include Visiting the Elderly, Tutoring, Big and Lil Sister, Help at Home, and Fundraising. Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer is a joint project of Chabad Youth and Beth Rivkah High School.

The girls visit many homes in the Melbourne community weekly to help local families with the children and light housework. They are paired up with girls in primary school to help them with their homework and study, or as a mentor in the Big and Lil Sister division. They bring joy to many elderly men and women living in nursing homes, and have amazing fundraisers run by the ambassadors and fundraising committee.

The magnificent gala dinner was attended by over 200 parents, students, recipients, and many proud Beth Rivkah and Chabad Youth faculty members. The girls shared how much they enjoyed volunteering and how the process of giving really gave them so much more than they invested. They were delighted to partake in a Chinese Auction prepared exclusively for them, as well as receive YLIV smoothie mason jars.

“I enjoy going to big and little sister and doing the fun activities after school,” little sister Nirtzah Kerbel proudly shared. Her big sister Chana Reicher concluded her speech with, “Being a part of this program really puts emphasis on relating to someone of a younger age and forming a close relationship. I am grateful to YLIV because if not for this opportunity, I would not have been able to experience this.”

Esther Perel Gutnick and Michal Pinczower helped with the Chinese Auction at the dinner, concluding their successful tenure as the program’s ambassadors. The amazing decor and the beautiful atmosphere were the product of hours invested by the Shluchot, Mushka Goldman and Etty Heber.

The parent committee of YLIV really helps to ensure that the program can grow maximally, with safety as its first priority. Thank you Mrs. Devorah Rochel Herszberg, Mrs. Debby Wolf, Mrs. Rivka Liberow, Mrs. Miriam Farkas for a beautiful auction, and Mrs. Miri Lipskier who is the YLIV program coordinator.

A Recipient’s Reflection on the help she receives through YLIV:
By Mrs M.K.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you
To people who give all year
Who give their time each week
Who keep showing that they care

Thank you
To young women who
With such poise and grace
Grace us with their kindness
With a smile on their face

You do what you don’t have to
And you never watch the clock
And I hope that when you want something
G-d swings open the door at the very first knock

I don’t know if you know
I’m not sure you can see
What a wonderful gift it is
That you keep on giving me

After school, I collect my kids
Greet them with a hug and kiss
But you bring so much patience
That I may often miss

I can focus on one child
While you give attention to the other
Well. When you visit,
I can be a better mother

You remind me that my kids are kids
For only so long they’ll be small
You laugh with them and listen
And that’s the biggest help of all

You ask should you pack lunches
Roll up your sleeves and do some dishes
Wow. That is incredibly kind, but for now
Let’s Just listen to the their little wishes

When they’re alseep, I’ll wash each spoon,
When they’ve been fed,
I’ll make their lunch

Now what they each need
Are smiles and nods
They’re a lively little bunch

Most of all, I thank you
For welcoming them and me
Making us feel part and parcel
Of this warm and wonderful community

With GDS Help, one day you’ll see
You’ll have children of your own
And I hope that we’ll be here for you,
To remind you that you’re not alone

To help each other raise our children,
Fill the gaps of a parents many demands
It takes many open hearts
And very many helping hands

So thank you deeply, kindly, truly
And believe me when I say
That I hope my little ones
Grow kind and giving,
Just like you some day

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