Help Monsey Chitas Club Reach Their Goal

“Mivtza Chitas Club” from Cheder Chabad Monsey is raising money this Purim. Help them fund their projects and take the next step.

Two years ago Chitas Club was launched, with just 20 kids at the beginning, and later growing to 45. They would learn Chitas from a paper printed daily and earn point to get prizes and other rewards.

Last year Chitas Club expanded tremendously with over 70 kids! They would learn from a Chitas booklet printed weekly.

This year Chitas Club is bigger then ever, with over 80 kids and growing! We now partner with Chayenu to give even more learning options! (with English!)

From Zayin Adar through Purim, Chitas Club will be raising $770 to fund the entire program, we ask you to please partake in this great opportunity to help sponsor the learning of 80+ kids daily!

To donate please visit: GoFundMe.Com/ChitasClub
If you would like to donate using PayPal, CashApp, or a check please cotact us at: [email protected]
(when donating please specify which grade you are donating for, to do so click the “referred by” box)

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