Help Fund the Global Day of Hiskashrus

An urgent Charidy campaign has been set up to help fund the unprecedented Global Day of Hikashrus taking place on Wednesday, Erev Gimmel Tammuz 5780.

The pandemic has kept hundreds of thousands of Chassidim, Yidden, and people from all walks of life, at home and unable to travel to visit the Rebbe’s Ohel in New York.

On this special day, tens of thousands would normally stream to the Rebbe – davening at the Ohel, uniting, farbrenging, and connecting as one family. This year our Hiskashrus must elicit a deeper connection than ever.

As Chassidim from around the world gather in a monumental Gimmel Tammuz live-streamed Farbrengen, your partnership is essential.
The Rebbe teaches us that when we are faced with an unprecedented challenge, we can – and we must! – dig deeper to produce an unprecedented and revolutionary solution.

This year, when we can’t stream, we livstream!

Vaad Or Vechom HaHiskashrus has employed a special brand new technology in order to unite individuals, cities, states, countries, continents, and time zones around our one common Hiskashrus with the Rebbe.
Through the hi-tech studio stationed adjacent to the Ohel, any man, woman or child can connect from wherever they are to their fellow Chassidim via regional Zoom rooms, as we are all tuned in together in a live broadcast – לראות וליראות – to and from the Ohel. 

This worldwide initiative is very costly. “We are not asking you to give to an organization. We are simply asking you to participate generously in what this is costing to produce,” the organizers said.

The Rebbe writes (Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5711) that on the Yom Hilula one should give to the causes connected to the Nasi, on behalf of oneself and one’s family.

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