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Beth Medrash L’Halacha U’Mishpat in Rechovot is actively producing Chabad rabbonim of the highest caliber. Be a part of this revolution!

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When you walk into Beth Medrash L’Halacha U’Mishpat in Rechovot, Israel, you cannot help but be wowed by this revolutionary kollel that is training future Chabad Rabbonim and Dayonim of the highest caliber. Under the leadership of the Mizrachi brothers and HaRav HaGaon Rabbi Meir Aharon, the kollel is producing some of the finest rabbonim in Lubavitch.

The yungerleit dedicate years of learning all four sections of Shulchan Aruch, receive training in practical Halacha and Horaah including, family purity, mikvaos, eruvin and choshen mishpat. They pass Israel’s most rigorous examinations administered by “Heichal Shlomo” and become respected halachic authorities and leaders in communities of Shluchim and anash around the world.

The more advanced students and their Rabbonim run a live responsa website; where Shluchim from around the world submit their Shailos from the field. The response is fast and reliable.

In fact, the Rebbe foresaw the great and practical importance of the holy work of Kollel Chabad, Rechovot, and in 1985, through his instruction, a donation of $180 was sent by Machne Yisroel.

Popular Rabbi, spiritual leader and lecturer, Rabbi Levi Garelik, who personally sent yungerleit to go to Eretz Yisroel to learn in the kollel, speaks glowingly about the kollel:

“It is one of the most beautiful Kollel’s in Lubavitch and in the world. [It produces] Chassidisher yungerleit who make a Kiddush Hashem wherever they go in the world.”

Rabbi Menachem M. Gluckowsky, leader of the Chabad community in Rechovot, echoed Garelik’s praise of the kollel and encourages Anash to lend their financial support:

“It’s a revolutionary kollel… The Rabbonim and Dayonim take up prominent positions in communities and are very successful. It’s a one of a kind Kollel… we must support them… they are the future Rabbonim and Dayanim for all of Anash.”

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson had this to say:

“These yungerleit learn halacha, internalize, teach halacha and give halacha. I think they deserve our genuine support.”

The Rabbonim and Dayanim produced by the Kollel’s dedicated Rabbonim raise the crown of Chabad and the Rebbe to great heights and provide true Chaddisher leadership for our communities.

After years of dedication and achievement, the Rabbonim and Dayanim find Shlichus and Rabbinic placements in communities throughout the world. There, they provide Rabbinic advice, support and legal instruction, all with a Chassidisher flavor.

Noted alumni of the Kollel include:

Rabbi Chaim Hillel Raskin, who was recently appointed to be Rav of the Chabad community Petach Tikvah, has been praised for his weekly halacha columns printed in The Weekly Farbrengen and featured on His Halachic opinions are a helpful resource for thousands of Lubavitchers around the world.

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Nachmanson, a respected Dayan in Rechovot whose Halachic guidance reaches thousands of Shluchim via his seforim on Hilchos Shabbos, legal issues and questions and answers from the field of Shlichus.

Rabbi Yitzchok Shlomo Kravitsky, a dayan in the Beis Horaah of the Kollel, heads the “Havineini Institute” offering special online courses in halacha and Gemara accompanied by professional visual presentations to help illustrate the material. His course on “Seder Chupah Vekidushin” given via “Beis Medrash L’shluchim,” has been excepted enthusiastically among the shluchim, and a great tool to master the halachic knowledge needed to be mesader kidushin properly.

As Chabad expands, so does the responsibility of the Kollel to produce even more qualified, sensitive and confident Rabbonim and Dayanim fit for the demanding position.

The Rebbe writes in the Hayom Yom entry for 9 Tammuz, “The greatest guaranteed assurance of Divine assistance for all Jewish parents in need of special help and deliverancefor their children is through their support of those who study Torah.”

Can you think of a greater way to fulfil this instruction than supporting the very Kollel that brings life to Torah and halacha on the highest levels across the globe?

This Sunday and Monday כ”א – כב טבת for just 30 hours, we will be raising funds for the Kollel to finance the necessary expansion of our Rabbanus and Dayonus program.

The Rebbe gave $180 in 1985, how much can you give in 2020? Every penny you donate will be tripled by generous donors.

Remember it is all or nothing! We need to reach our full goal of $260,000 (900,000 NIS) or we don’t get anything.

Please give generously now!

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