Help Continue Rabbi JJ Hecht’s Legacy

15 Av is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi JJ Hecht, founder of Camp Emunah. In his merit, help cover the immense costs of moving the entire camp to Pennsylvania, to give 500 girls the summer they need. 

Dear Parents, Alumnae and friends of Emunah,

30 years ago, on the eve of Tu B’av, Rabbi Yakov Yehudah Hecht had just sat down next to Rebbetzin Hecht, to join with hundreds of his beloved campers to eat dinner in the Emunah dining room, when he was suddenly stricken with a massive heart attack which he did not survive, to the horror of his family, the campers and staff.

Among the many directives which our Rebbe addressed to the family after Rabbi Hecht’s passing was to name Emunah for Rabbi Hecht. Hence the name, CAMP EMUNAH BNOS YAKOV YEHUDAH, or simply BJJ EMUNAH.

For 68 years Emunah has personified Rabbi Hecht’s legacy: to be the pioneer in Jewish camping, B’Gashmius and B’Ruchnius, to grow, to expand, to add divisions, and this year, following NYS’s prohibition, to create EMUNAH IN THE POCONOS!


Beyond our wildest apprehensions!

But we had to make good for the 500 girls who depend on Emunah to provide a summer home of inspiration and excitement.

With generous support and encouragement from a group of prominent community leaders we started searching and Divine Providence brought us to a great facility in Pennsylvania for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Of which we still owe $106,000.

NOW, during Tu B’Av, which Rabbi Hecht called “The Great Yom-Tov,” we have the opportunity to keep the legacy alive by covering the shortfall.

Our Rebbe said that Yakov Yehudah has the gematria of 212, the gematria of “Rebbe.” With 500 x $212 we will reach $106,000, which is the shortfall of the rental cost of $405,000.

Please give what you can, (link below) from a dollar to a million. Every donation is precious, and every donation will help us reach our goal. 

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