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Dear Anash and Shluchim,

There is a fellow Shliach who is in dire need of your help (identity withheld to respect his privacy).

He moved on shlichus over 10 years ago and B”H has built a very flourishing Chabad house. After a successful capital campaign, he secured a mortgage for a brand new Chabad house. Things were going very well until a major supporter defaulted on a critical pledge which forced the Shliach to take out high interest loans to cover the shortfall. Recently, this debt spiral has reached a critical level leaving the Shliach Mayim Ad Nafesh (drowning in debt).

The pressure from the debt is crushing the Shliach. The entire Shlichus and everything the Shliach has built in the community is in jeopardy unless he can procure $150,000 to repay the high interest loans and reduce the debt load.

Dear Anash and fellow Shluchim, Please open you hearts for this cause. We need your generous support to help relieve the family of this debt. Together we can raise the necessary funds to lift them from the depths of despair so they can return to themselves and to their Shlichus, with Menuchas Hanefesh.

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In the merit of your extreme generosity and loving care for your fellow Yid, may you be blessed with Bony, Chaye, Umezoney Revichi.

We the undersigned personally know of this situation and we assure that every penny will go directly to this cause.

Wishing you and yours, Kabolas Hatorah B’simcha Ubipinimus.

Thank you,

Rabbi Shlomo Friedman (Lubavitch Youth Organization), Rabbi Berel Goldman (Gainesville, FL), Rabbi Ephraim Mintz (JLI), Rabbi Moshe Pinson (Bais Shmuel Chabad), Rabbi Ari Raskin (Brooklyn Heights), Rabbi Yahoshua Rosenfeld (Bogota, Columbia), Rabbi Mordechai Shain (Tenafly, NJ), Rabbi Ephraim Silverman (Marietta, GA), Rabbi Yossi Spalter (Montville, NJ), Rabbi Yudi Tiechtel (Berlin, Germany).

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