Shluchim’s Daughter Diagnosed on First Day of Shlichus

For those who haven’t heard, we are sorry to be the bearer of this news.

About a month ago, shock and heartbreak ripped through the lives of a new family of Shluchim, when their three-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

It is hard to imagine how their hopes and excitement for their new Shlichus were torn down, when their precious daughter received her diagnosis the exact day they moved on shlichus!

Many of us are moved to tears and prayers. Yet, in a time of crisis, this is not enough. The family’s basic operating needs need to be met, and we turn to you for help.

We are asking for everyone to be as generous as they can to help with however much they can. EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

All amounts, large and small will be greatly appreciated and will go directly to this family to enable them to take care of their daughter’s needs.

In the merit of the Tzedakah you are pledging to help a family in need, may Batsheva Bas Mushka receive a complete Refuah Shleimah.

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The Vaad for this Campaign:

Rabbi Berel Lazar, Moscow, Russia

Rabbi Zalman Aron Grossbaum, Toronto, Canada

Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky, Ottawa, Ontario

Rabbi Asher Yarres, Rochester, NY

Rabbi Zalman Bluming, Durham NC

Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Zalman Zaltsman, Niagra Falls, ON

*Your tax-deductible receipt will be made out by KSCV

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