‘HasidX’ Nigunim Project Releases Two Singles

New Chabad Nigunim project, HasidX, which features traditionally sung Chabad Nigunim fused with Mediterranean flavor, just released their first two singles, “Tzoma Lecha Nafshi” and “Ki Anu Amecha”. 

New Chabad Nigunim project, HasidX, just released their first two singles, “Tzoma Lecha Nafshi” and “Ki Anu Amecha”. HasidX features traditionally sung Chabad Nigunim over an EDM arrangement, fused with Mediterranean flavor.

HasidX is produced by Pittsburgh based cantor, producer, musician and singer Mendel “der Baal Menagen” Markel and highly talented Israeli producer and musician Meir Shitrit. Shitrit also co-arranged Markel’s “Genesis” rock album, in addition to laying down the lead guitar work for that album.

Markel credits his daughter with the inspiration for this project. “She called me from seminary and complained that the girls can’t find dance music with Chabad nigunim. I told her I’m sure there must be plenty out there. When I searched Spotify and other platforms, I found a few, but not nearly as much as I was expecting.”

“A few weeks later, my dear friend and talented Israeli producer Meir Shitrit Whatsapped me and asked if I would care to collaborate on a Chabad nigunim project. I immediately saw the Hashgocho Protis there and HasidX was born”, he said.

According to Markel, the duo sees this as a heaven-sent opportunity to pass on the songs of Chabad to a new generation. As such, they do their utmost to preserve the original “Taam” of the nigunim. “We generally record the main vocal line first before adding any arrangements so that the modern arrangement shouldn’t influence the way the Nigun is sung”. They feel that this way they can try to ensure that the Nigunim are passed down as authentically as possible

The first two tracks are available for free download on Anash.org and are also being posted on many other platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, iTunes, Pandora, Deezer and more.

Tzama Lecha Nafshi

Ki Anu Amecha

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