Has Corona Boxed You In?

Rabbi Yossi Charytan offers short clips with great tips to overcome cabin fever, create positive vibes at home and bring out the best in everyone!

By Rabbi Yossi Charytan for Anash.org

Perhaps you can relate to one of the following scenarios:

“It’s the end of the day. Or at least it is supposed to be. I find myself back at my home office, yet again, to try closing out my day’s work. Bedtimes have been extended by several hours. Wakeup time has followed suit. Where has the day gone? Why does this feel like a merry go round that doesn’t stop?”

“What a headache. Just thinking about this week lands me in a hodgepodge of sounds that include fights between siblings, whines about who gets to use the new headphones (replacement pair number 27) and complaints of boredom that can fill a two inch notebook.”

“The number of times I needed to leave my work space (physically and mentally) in order to troubleshoot missing lunches or lost Zoom IDs has left my output incomplete and in need of a refreshed start. I don’t think that I can attempt working from home much longer.”

Most of us are able to say that Boruch Hashem we are doing well.  Our kids seem emotionally stable (after all the professionals always tell us how resilient kids are). Many of us can still work from home or our particular line of work is open.

Hopefully you are managing to feed and clothe everyone despite the various restrictions. If you are like us, you probably have enough cheesecake to last until next year Shavuos since the kids participated in so many virtual cheesecake bakes with their teachers, friends, cousins etc.  

The past two months have really been unusual and unimaginable. We were thrust into it so unexpectedly that it took time to figure out how to manage the day to day and to attempt some semblance of normalcy. Sure, there were many bumps. Plus the sad news of so many who R”L passed away. But we have overall fallen into a routine, especially thanks to the schools who have helped us bring structure where it was lacking.  

One of the things that helped me focus was a request from a client at the onset of the situation that I help share some ‘quick and easy tips’ for managing kids. The idea of Boxed-In was born. It offers easy-to-implement ideas for managing various scenarios that may arise while boxed in  with your family.  I leave it up to the listener to take those ideas and tailor them for his or her family.  

BE”H, social isolating restrictions will slowly be easing up.  But the kids aren’t going back to school anytime soon.  And who knows yet what will be with camps? So please enjoy watching these two-minute videos and see if perhaps you can find something that will help strengthen the bonds within your family.

Hashem should help us that this pandemic ends now, everyone should be well, and we should be Zoche to a removal of all limitations with the coming of Moshiach.

Rabbi Yossi Charytan is the creator of Temper The Tantrum, a successful, researched-based program for managing your child’s behavioral and emotional outbursts.

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