Hanholos Hayeshivos to Meet

By Anash.org staff

For the first time in history, close to sixty Magidei Shiur, Mashpiim and Menahalim from Mesivtos and Yeshivos Gedolos, are expected to meet today at the Sea Breeze Shul in Brighton Beach for the Kinus Hanholos Hayeshivos, organized by the Igud Mesivtas V’Yeshivos – Lubavitch.

After the success of the Mesivtos Kinus over the past three years, this year for the first time ever, the Hanholos of both Mesivtos and Yeshivos Gedolos will be participating.

The Kinus is a serious get-together with the objective to give Mechanchim the opportunity to come together to discuss the contemporary challenges, give each other support, and map out the plan for next year.

In the past, the meetings at the Kinus led to many practical advances within the Yeshivos.

The program includes sessions led by colleagues and guests such as Rabbi Osher Farkash, Mashpia of The Chabad Yeshiva of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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