Hadar Hatorah Moving to the Catskill for the Summer

After facing months of confinement and classes via Zoom, Hadar Hatorah yeshiva will be moving to the Shaloh Center, located in Napanoch, NY for the summer months.

Next Thursday, July 2, Hadar Hatorah is heading upstate to commence its annual Summer Program at the Shaloh Center in the Catskill Mountains.

After facing months of confinement and classes via ZOOM, the change of scenery will be very welcome.  The Shaloh Center is located in Napanoch, NY in a beautiful rural setting. 

Hadar Hatorah student Aharon Berelowitz says the change will be amazing.  “After all this time essentially learning through my phone, the prospects of actually sitting  in a class with my teachers and other bochurim in the Catskills is very exciting!” 

Aharon came to Hadar Hatorah last summer after a year at Mayanot in Israel. He has had a great year in yeshiva  and even living through the pandemic in Crown Heights was a learning experience.

“The remaining bochrim who didn’t have the option to go home banded together. We cooked, cleaned, prepared for Pesach and ultimately created a beautiful achdus amongst ourselves,” he said. “We even celebrated the wedding of my chavrusa Reuven Mizrahi before Pesach under the most unusual circumstances. We bochrim were his family at the chassuna.”

Rosh Hayeshiva Rabbi Yaakov Goldberg reflects: “Although we were all painfully affected by COVID19 in Crown Heights, and it was certainly difficult living with all the restrictions, there was a plus side too.”

“My Zoom class students were physically located as far away as Europe, Israel and even Australia . My talmidim and alumni were able to participate from wherever they were. And when the yeshiva moves upstate, they want me to keep up the  ZOOM classes. This is truly the miracle of technology. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to regular shiurim, and Shaloh’s summer program is a wonderful opportunity for learning during the summer,” he said.

Hadar Hatorah has been going upstate to the Catskills for the summer for over forty years. Eligible candidates, ages 18-35, are welcome to apply at www.hadarhatorah.org, Call 718-735-0250 or email at [email protected] for more information. 

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