Grand Trip Paused for Emergency Burial

The bochurim of Yeshivas Kayitz Canada were in middle of their 3-day grand trip, when the opportunity for a rare mitzvah came up: The burial of a mes mitzvah. Dropping everything, they went to the funeral before continuing the 72 hours of fun.

The bochurim of Yeshivas Kayitz Canada woke up early this past Monday morning to the news that they will going on a 3-day trip to the Niagara Falls.

Immediately after davening and learning, the bochurim made their way to the Yeshivas Kayitz’s privately owned vehicles, for a six hour ride to Earl Bales Park in North York, Ontario. There, the bochurim enjoyed a lavish BBQ for dinner, followed by a farbrengen into the wee hours of the morning with Rabbi Dov Schochet.

‘You can never go a day without learning’ was the thought on the Bochurim’s minds when they woke up early Tuesday morning. They therefore made their way over to the Toronto yeshiva for a full Seder Chassidus and Nigleh, ending with a special Shiur by Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner.

After the learning, they drove to Niagara Falls for a day full of fun and excitement, from Ripley’s Believe It or Not to a mirror maze and haunted house, and of course, the occasional tefillin here and there.

The bochurim didn’t waste any time, heading over to the falls to watch the sunset while enjoying a geshmake kumzitz, and ended the day with a midnight swim.

The next morning, the bochurim awoke to the gorgeous sunrise over Lake Ontario. They started their day with davening and learning at Chabad of Niagara’s beautiful 24-hour Beis Medrash followed by exciting activities, including jet boating and go karting.

In middle of the day, the bochurim were contacted by the local shliach who was in middle of arranging the burial of a Yid who passed away the previous night, and needed a minyan for the burial. Recognizing the special opportunity to fulfill the rare mitzvah of mes mitzvah, the bochurim paused whatever they were doing and went to the Jewish cemetery to assist the shliach.

After a long day, the bochurim settled in to the vehicles to return to Yeshiva. Arriving back in yeshiva, the bochurim felt rejuvenated and refreshed, giving them extra energy to utilize their time for learning and davening, and preparing the world to greet Moshiach.

The Yeshivas Kayitz thanked Rabbi Akiva Wagner for the beautiful shiur, and Rabbi Zalman Zaltzman of Chabad at Niagara for making a getaway for Torah amongst the bustling and attractive city, a place where thousands of tourists stop by annually to enjoy well air-conditioned and fully stocked Beis Midrash, may you both see Hashems Brachos in all your endeavors.

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