Grand Menorah Parade from Menorah Building

On the final evening of Chanukah, when all eight candles of the holiday are lit, a large traditional Chanukah parade of limousines was held in Dnipro, Ukraine, which was joined by many members of the community who decorated their cars with electric menorahs.

As always, the Chanukah parade of limousines set off from the Golden Rose Synagogue and drove in solemn procession along the streets and avenues of Dnipro, bringing the light of Chanukah candles to the whole city.

This year, the parade was attended by four limousines provided by Lux mobile, and a number of cars of members of the Jewish community, decorated with lit menorahs.

In limousines, children were comfortably accommodated – pupils of social institutions of the Jewish community of the Dnieper.

“As always, the participation of limousines in this parade was a wonderful Chanukah gift from a great friend of the community and a wonderful person – Igor Golikov and his company Lux mobile,” Zelig Brez told the DJC, “seats in the limousines were provided to children, participants in various programs and numerous menorah campaigns. ”

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