Global Interactive Event Planned for Gimmel Tammuz

As Gimmel Tammuz approaches, preparations for an unprecedented event that will unite communities around the world, are underway.

An unprecedented gathering of Lubavitch chassidim from around the world will be taking place on the eve of Gimmel Tammuz 5780, the upcoming 26th Hilula – Yartzeit of the Rebbe.

With many still living in partial lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and limited travel options, thousands of men, women and children are expected to tune into this special event to connect with the Rebbe.

Vaad Or Vechom Hiskashrus, the organization behind this undertaking, is working with a production team led by Ronen Peled Hadad to broadcast this truly universal farbrengen.

“Barcheinu Avinu – a special hiskashrus” will be held on Wednesday, Erev Gimmel Tammuz – June 24, at 1:30 PM EST, 10:30 AM in Los Angeles, 6:00 PM in London, 7:30 in Paris, 8:30 PM in Moscow and Israel.

Prior to the general state-of-the-art broadcast, Chabad communities will be holding a localized program via Zoom rooms with local speakers and personalities sharing inspiration and experiences with the Rebbe and Chabad. 

The program will include learning V’atah Tetzaveh – the last maamar the Rebbe edited and personally distributed to chassidim. It will be shown in a specially produced presentation featuring world renown rabbis and orators. 

Participants will be singing niggunim and signing onto a ‘Pan’ that will be read at the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens, NY. They will be encouraged to take upon themselves hachlatos for working together to bring Moshiach.

Many Communities are currently finalizing the details of their local programs in coordination with Or V’chom. Communities wanting to participate in an organized manner can email: [email protected]


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