Global Chalukas Hashas Complete, Round 2 Begins

An initiative to split Shas in memory of those who have passed away from the coronavirus has reached its goal in record time and a second chaluka is filling up fast.

By reporter

The launch of an initiative by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky to split Shas to memorialize those who passed away during the coronavirus, was met with unparalleled enthusiasm today, Sunday 2 Iyar.

“In less than eight hours,” Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky told, “Chassidim and shluchim around the world filled a whole chalukas hashas and now a second one is filling up quickly l’ilui nishmas the niftorim.”

In a letter sent to chassidim around the world, Rabbi Kotlarsky senior wrote:

“We are living in extraordinary times due to the pandemic raging across the world,” he wrote. “The disruption of societies across the globe has brought upon all of us untold difficulties in so many areas of our life.”

“Above all, however, is the immeasurable pain of losing so many members of Anash.  The untimely passing of so many Chassidim – some of them in the prime of their lives – has left a deep wound in our collective heart. We cry out to Hashem – Ad Mosai?!”

The letter continues to announce a new initiative to unite Anash worldwide, and to memorialize those that passed away. The entire Shas will be split, in units of four Dafim each, to enable each Chossid to learn a unite, and collectively complete Shas.

To sign up for the second round, visit the Merkos/302 Shas page and choose the number of Dafim you can commit to completing by Gimmel Tamuz, 5780.

“May Hashem stop the pandemic immediately, and send a refuah shleima to all those who require it. From now on may we have only continued good news. And may we merit speedily to witness the fulfillment of Yeshaya’s words בלע המות לנצח ומחה ה’ אלוקים דמעה מעל כל פנים בגאולה האמיתית והשלימה על ידי משיח צדקנו, ומלכנו בראשנו” the letter concludes.

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