Glencoe, IL Prepares to Welcome New Shluchim

In just a few short days, Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Ber Wolberg will be embarking on their new Shlichus to Glencoe, IL. Glencoe is a picturesque town located along Lake Michigan and is home to over 3,000 Yidden, approximately one-third of its total population. 

On their visits to the area, the Wolberg’s have sensed a strong thirst from the residents for a deeper, more authentic connection to their Yiddishkeit. The Wolbergs hope to be able to help fill that void through various programs such as Torah Classes, Yom Tov events, and Shabbos meals. 

“Speaking to numerous people in Glencoe has shown us the need for a Chabad presence there”, says Rabbi Sholom Ber Wolberg, “we are humbled by the great Zechus to be able to go out on Shlichus of the Rebbe and prepare the world for the coming of Moshiach”.

The Wolbergs are being appointed by the head shluchim to the North Shore, Rabbi and Mrs. Yossi Schanowitz. The Schanowitz’s have been serving the Northern Suburbs of Chicago since the Rebbe sent them there in 1981. With the growth of their programming and the needs of the various suburbs, they felt the need to bring the Wolberg’s to engage the large Jewish population in Glencoe. 

Today they are running a campaign to help raise funds to help them start off their shlichus. Their goal is $18,000. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. 

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