Get Online for the Virtual Parade

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim, a division of The Shluchim Office, is gearing up for their annual online Lag B’Omer parade.

Families of Shluchim worldwide have signed up to create virtual floats that they will show during the parade. The floats are all on the theme of “Our Rabbeim.” They are being baked, drawn, built, and through any other creative medium.

As always, Rabbi Shea Hecht will MC the parade and there will be exciting and interactive entertainment by Rabbi Chaim Baruch Alevsky, Shliach to Manhattan, NY. It is sure to be a memorable event!  

“In an online Lag B’Omer parade, every young Shliach is able to play an active role,” says Tzeite Raichik, co-director of the division. “Whether it’s through saying a Pasuk live in front of hundreds of fellow Shluchim, creating a float, or presenting a unique talent. All of these elements give the children a feeling of how it was by the Rebbe.” 

There will be two rallies to accommodate different time zones:
– Tuesday, 16 Iyar at 7:30 PM EST
– Wednesday, 17 Iyar at 1:00 PM EST

To log into the rally and watch, click here

To be part of the Lag B’Omer parade, sign up here.

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