Gemara Academy Provides Free Classes

With thousands of children out of school, the Gemara Academy headed by Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger is offering free access to over 400 classes in Gemara and Mishnayos.

By staff

Because of the current situation with many Yeshivos and schools having to close their doors and teaching being done remotely, Gemara Academy is working to offer its platform and content free of charge. The platform also allows teachers to upload their own content on it, and it’s compatible with Zoom. It also provides data on student’s usage and quiz performance. 

Gemara Academy is working to have the hosting platform offer free access for schools that shut their doors. Currently, the hosting platform is not offering free user accounts, as a result, they are also working on securing private funding to offset the costs for Yeshivos and schools.

In the interim, all the content is available in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Free access: this will give you access to all 400+ Gemara classes on 6 different Perakim with quizzes, and the Mishnayos that we have on Sukkah (the first 3 Perakim) with quizzes. But then it’s an open link without being organized under a teacher account and it’s not individual accounts. It’ll be a link to any given Perek and the quizzes on it. In this format, it’s not compatible with Zoom and it may not work with uploading your own content. It also won’t provide data. 

2) $3 an account per month: this will be set up as an individual account under a teacher account. This will be compatible with Zoom and allow you to upload your own content and assign access to it to your students. It will also provide data. 

Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger of Gemara Academy can be reached at [email protected]

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