Gan Yisroel West Opens Registration

Gan Yisroel West, a camp where unique outdoor activities are offered together with a stress on learning and davening, has opened registration for the summer of 5780.

In 1995 Rabbi and Rebbetzin Shlomo Menkes embarked on the mission of their lives: to start a Gan Israel Summer Sleepaway Camp in California.

After many years of struggle and success and close to 2,000 campers, they were able to purchase  their own facility in 2014: The Siderman Family Camp and Conference Center. 

Today, Gan Yisroel West is the outcome of 13 years of providing a true Gan Yisroel sleep away camp experience to hundreds of children. The camp’s unique blend of traditional and specialty programs is meant to enrich every camper’s summer.

Rabbi Menkes says their secret to success is giving the kids the “absolute best summer of their lives.” They do that partially through having children do what they like best. For example, Aliza Menkes notes that many camps focus on sports when a significant portion of children may not be so interested in them. While sports are indeed offered at Gan Yisroel West, plenty of other activities are available that suit other tastes. 

From hiking to swimming to sports, boys are kept busy from dawn till dusk. In addition to providing our campers with physical activity, we make sure to keep their neshamas nourished as well. Our campers daven together, learn torah together, and shteig together. Chavrusas made at camp are ones unlike any other.

Click here to apply for the exciting upcoming summer of 5780!

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