Gan Yisroel of Crown Heights to Open, Staff in Place

Gan Yisroel of Crown Heights has announced this year’s staff. Exciting off-grounds trips will include biking and camping.

Gan Yisroel of Crown Heights boys’ day camp will be opening for its seventh summer. “It looked as if the seventh year would be a shnas shmita for us – a year off,” says Camp Director, Rabbi Zvi Lipchik, “but Baruch Hashem we have the green light to go, so we’ll get to make it ‘kol shvi’in chavivin‘ – the best year yet!”  

The Head Counselors, Rabbi Nosson Kuperman and Rabbi Sruli Lebovic for the older division, and Morah Anat Ohana for the younger division, bring experience and excitement to the program.  Running out of Darchai Menachem, Gan Yisroel campers come from literally all of the neighborhood yeshivas

Kids learn best when they are happy, so summer can be a great time for Torah. As a smaller camp, Gan Yisroel is able to do things that many of the larger ones cannot, such as bike and scooter trips, occasional night activities, and optional father-son camping trips. 

Many of the usual places are still closed, but that doesn’t mean that the fun will stop.  There are lots of creative ways to make Yiddishkeit real and exciting for our boys.

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