Gallery: Education Day Proclamations

Rabbi Levi Greenberg of El Paso, Texas

Shluchim all across the US and even in some foreign countries have been working to get proclamations from local officials in honor of yud aleph Nissan, the official Education & Sharing Day in the USA since 5738/1978. For some shluchim this is an annual tradition, for others, it’s their first year.

In Nassau County, NY, Rabbi Tuvia Teldon led a delegation of a dozen Long Island shluchim to the County Legislature, where County Executive Laura Curran met with them. She spoke glowingly of all that the Rebbe has accomplished in the field of education and how local shluchim continue the Rebbe’s all-important work.

Other reports of such proclamations, that we received here at, include:

Omaha, Nebraska – head shliach Rabbi Mendel Katzman.

Orange County, California

Little Rock, Arkansas – head shliach Rabbi Pinchus Ciment and shluchim Rabbi Yossi Kramer and Rabbi Bentzion Pape met with Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Austin, Texas – shluchim Rabbi Yosef Levertov; Austin, Rabbi Eliezer Lazarov; Houston, Rabbi Levi Greenberg; El Paso, Rabbi Yossi Marrus; S. Antonio

El Paso, Texasshliach Rabbi Levi Greenberg met with City Rep. Peter Svarzbein

Park Ridge, Illinoisshliach Rabbi Lazer Hershkovitch met with Mayor Marty Maloney

Renton, Washingtonshliach Rabbi Sruly Treitel met with Mayor Denis Law

Royal Oak, Michigan shliach Rabbi Shoel Glitsenstein met with Mayor
Mike Fournier

Morristown, New Jersey – Rabbi Chaim Schapiro; Rosh Yeshiva, and a group of bochurim from Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim

Mayor of Cincinatti, Ohio, Governor of Ohio, Golf Manor, Ohio – Rabbi Gershy Avtzon; Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinatti

Burlington, North Carolinashliach Rabbi Mendy Minkowitz

Jackson, New Jerseyshliach Rabbi Shmuly Naparstek

Pittsford, New Yorkshliach Rabbi Yitzi Hein

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