From Yeshiva to Yeshiva – No Vacation from Life

Yeshivas Kayitz Crown Heights began their second summer of chinuch this past Sunday, כ”ז סיון. 

Only days after the conclusion of the school year, close to 70 boys from 1st through 5th grade ran with enthusiasm to learn Torah in “Summer Cheder”. Carrying backpacks with seforim and supplies, and wearing big smiles, they entered this year’s new location, the Chovevei Torah building on Eastern Parkway. There they were each greeted personally by Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, the director and principal.

“When I founded the Yeshivas Kayitz last year,” shared Rabbi Wolf, who runs it, along with the older division Tzeirei Hatmimim, as a volunteer shlichus, “I was simply looking to arrange one class for my own son to learn during the summer. The response from parents and students of all ages has been incredible.”

The talmidim met their melamdim and went straight to Davening and learning. Rabbis Nochum Weisfish, Yekusiel Goldstein, Shimon Gerlitzky, Zalman Schapiro and Elchonon Goldman are teaching for the first month. “Our outstanding melamdim are the reason the boys love coming to Yeshivas Kayitz,” Rabbi Wolf says. “Every one of them is a dedicated and experienced Chassidishe mechanech who truly cares about his talmidim.”

The first day concluded with a special assembly welcoming the talmidim. Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum congratulated the boys for choosing to attend Yeshivas Kayitz. “I don’t usually visit camps,” Rabbi Weinbaum told the boys, “But Yeshivas Kayitz is very special. You boys are the elite soldiers in Tzivos Hashem, doing exactly what the Rebbe wants children to be doing in the summertime! Eretz Yisroel always has their army training for war, but it is really you chayolim who are protecting the Yidden in Eretz Yisroel by learning Torah throughout the summer!” 

The pride and excitement amongst the talmidim were palpable when Rabbi Weinbaum pointed out that enrollment had doubled since he had seen them the year before. “Keep being role models for your friends,” he encouraged them. “Soon Yeshivas Kayitz will be too big even for this new location!”

Yeshivas Kayitz Crown Heights runs Sunday through Friday throughout the summer, with a regular Yeshiva schedule from 9:00 – 1:30. On Mondays through Thursdays, from 1:30 – 4:00, the talmidim enjoy exciting summer activities such as swimming, sports, crafts and a weekly trip, led by the activity director, Rabbi Yechezkel Akerman. 

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