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38 years ago today, 11 chassidim gathered to launch the first Children’s Sefer Torah. Today, the seventh Children’s Torah is being prepared.

In connection with the recent decision by the Vaad of the Children’s Sefer Torah, to complete the seventh Sefer Torah by upcoming Yud Aleph Nissan, we share with you a picture of the inaugural meeting of the Vaad, on Yud Ches Nissan 5741, exactly 38 years ago.

The participants were: Harav Dovid Chanzin, Harav Nachum Tabernik, Harav Mordechai Ashkenazi and Harav Yehuda Yeruslavsky (all members of Vaad Rabonei Chabad), R. Yisrael Leibuv, R. Zushe Vilmovsky, R. Moshe Slonim, R. Berke Volf, R. Meir Fraiman, Harav Avrohom Baruch Pevzner, and Rabbi Shmuel Greisman.

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