From the Archives: 770 in 5714

Front bottom, R-L: Binyomin Mentz, Sholom Ber Gurary, Kalmen Brikman, Yankel Holtzman, ?, Zelig Katzman. Middle, R-L: Betzalel Jacobson, Avremel Korf, Moshe Groner. Top: Dovid Raskin, Sholom Ber Alperowitz, Boruch Brikman, Feivel Rimler, Leibel Groner..

A reader sent in this picture, dated circa 5714/1954, of a group of bochurim in 770 at the time. Do you recognize anybody else in the picture? Please write to us using the inbox section below.

Credit: Yosef Keller

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