Frierdiker Rebbe’s Bracha for Polio Outbreak Revealed

Rabbi Shea Goodman had just arrived on shlichus to Lancaster, PA, when a polio outbreak hit the city. They received a letter from the Frierdiker Rebbe with a bracha for the entire city.

As the whole world looks for encouragement and reassurance, a letter sent by the Frierdiker Rebbe during an outbreak of infantile paralysis (polio) was revealed for the first time.

The letter was sent to Rabbi Yehoshua (Shea) Goodman, who was then a newlywed. He was on shlichus in Lancaster, PA, and when the outbreak occurred, he wrote to the Frierdiker Rebbe for advice and a bracha.

The letter with free translation was provided to exclusively in memory of Rabbi Pinchas Shmuel ben Shmaya Krinsky a”h, in connection with his tenth yartzeit on Thursday, Chof Iyar.

Read the full letter below.

Free Translation

B”H. Erev Rosh Hashanah 5709

Sholom u’Vrocho!

In response to your writing, may the Almighty send recovery to all those who are sick with infantile paralysis – may the Almighty spare us – and He should protect everyone in the city and it’s surroundings from disease, and may He send recovery to all the sick and strengthen them materially and in spirit.

It would be proper for your household to spend some time by her parents house and may the Almighty grant you success in your work and [you should] gain favor.

With blessings to be inscribed and sealed in the book of life.

.ב”ה ער”ה תש”ט

‘ידידי הרב וו”ח אי”א מוה”ר יהושע נחום שי

!שלום וברכה
במענה על כתבו, השי”ת ישלח רפואה לכל החולים יחיו אשר נחלו ל”ע במחלת אינפטייל פאראליז וישמור את כל אנשי העיר והסמוכות מהחולי וישלח רפואה לכל החולים ויחזקם בגשם וברוח.

.ונכון אשר ב”ב יחיו יהיו אצל הורי’ יחיו איזה משך זמן והשי”ת יצליחו בעבודתו ובנשיאת חן
בברכת כוחט”ט

בשם כ”ק אדמו”ר שליט”א

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