Friendship Circle of Brooklyn Celebrates Purim ‘On the Farm’

Friendship Circle of Brooklyn celebrated Purim ‘On the Farm’ with Megillah, themed treats, a petting zoo and pony rides.

There is never a quiet moment on Purim at the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn! Rabbi Berel and Chani Majesky and the rest of the FCBKLN staff worked round the clock to ensure a fantastic, amazing, and happy Purim for all the FC families.

Families of children with special needs were invited to a farm-themed Purim adventure with the Friendship Circle on Purim day. At the party, attendants listened to Megillah, enjoyed themed treats, and enjoyed a petting zoo and pony rides!

The doors opened and everyone was transported to a fresh, outdoor farm. The room was carefully decorated to match the theme. Tables at the side sported an array of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, cow themed lollipops, rice krispies haystacks, sandwich cookie tractor tires, and of course, Hamantaschen. Live chickens, rabbits, and a goat were sat next to the photo booth to add a little extra something to everyone’s photos. To see everyone as they walked in with their creative costumes was such a treat! A Policeman, a superhero, Queen Esther, and more, were all present. Everyone settled down, and Rabbi Shimon Sabol read the Megillah. Then, it was time for the pony rides!

The children were beaming from ear to ear as they rode in a carriage behind the ponies as they were led around the courtyard. They were then able to pet and interact with the other farm animals as they waited for another turn.  As the party came to an end, each child was handed their very own Shalach Manos that was created and prepared by the students at ULYOP.  Everyone left the Purim party with light feet and happy hearts – ready to fulfill the rest of the Mitzvos of Purim!

But Simchas Purim for families of Friendship Circle Brooklyn didn’t end there. In addition to the festive party on Purim day, Friendship Circle hosted a Megillah reading at their Social and Sensory Space on Purim night. Bochurim were sent out to read the Megillah to families who were unable to attend Shul. Over 250 Personalized Shalach Manos were sent to Friendship Circle volunteers from 7 local schools; Almost 300 gorgeous cards, designed by FC members, were given in lieu of Shalach Manos; about 50 students from local elementary schools delivered Shalach Manos to children with special needs; and over 100 volunteers visited their special friends on Purim day!

Thank you to Rochel Karp and Lulu Feldman for organizing the Purim party, and to all the volunteers who came to help set up! Thank you to the Bochurim for reading Megillah at peoples’ homes, to Bnos Menachem, Oholei Torah, Darchai Menachem, and Lamplighters for partnering in the Uplift Shalach Manos program, and to all the FC volunteers!

Photos by Andrew Gonzalez

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